PRO PAK'R 200x130 ECO

Square shaped air bag that is the most wide spread size on the market.It is perforated every 13 cm making it very flexible in terms of applications. Made with recycled PE material to help contributing to the environment.
The most prevalent film on the market with the valuable benefits for the environment!

Ideal for

> Different sizes of boxes and filling small voids.
Customers who want simple and versatile solutions.


> Void-filling: Needed when the outer carton is larger than the products to be packed. Filling voids will help to prevent movement within the box.
> Blocking: This is an application that enables you the maximum protection without having to fill all voids in your carton. By 'fixating' the product with a limited number of air cushions, your prevent your product from moving in the box.


FPI'S PRO PAK'R machine is our latest addition to our innovative range of air cushions systems. It works with RFID technology allowing you to focus on your packaging activities only.


● Material : HDPE
● Thickness : 23 micron
● Pillow Width : 200 mm
● Pillow length : 130 mm
● Roll length : 900 meter
● Volume per roll : 5.0 - 5.5 m3
● Extra features : Longer roll length, RFID Technology
● % recycled PE : n.a.

Environmental characteristics

● 100% recyclable
● Reduction of 17% carbon emissions
● Clean and dust-free
● Very light, 99% is air
● EN13427 compliant: Meets the European regulations for packaging & packaging waste (independently tested by PIRA)
● Print is made from waterbased ink

Technical specifications

● Not toxic in case of burning
● Groundwater neutral
● Chemically inert
● Dust-free – wear-resistant
● Can be transported problem free via the existing recycling systems for PE ● Water repellent

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